Now that the dust has settled with regard to violent attacks against foreigners by some air heads criminals here in South Africa, we then need to make a clarion call to African leaders without sounding xenophobic. Firstly we should examine why we have so many foreign nationals in SA than any other African country. It goes without saying that the continent has produced, and is continuing to produce despots and tin pot dictators whose interests is their pockets. Once leaders become greed,the people on the ground suffer and later become economic migrants. Others because of their opposition to the powers that be, are driven out of their countries and seek asylum elsewhere. In most instances, SA becomes their destination because of opportunities available here. But it’s also a fact that SA has also its problems that its citizens are expecting the government to resolve. Inequality and lack of basic services are a problem facing us. Corruption is endemic. Companies start employing foreigners cos they are not unionised and can take any salary the employer pay without them complaining. For them it’s the survival of the fittest. This is where anti African sentiments starts. SAns view fellow Africans with suspicion and hatred develop. Where’s the root of the problem? It started when an elected president started to become greed. When he banned opposition parties cos they are opposed to the way their countries are being governed. It started when government officials started looting the public purse without any fear of prosecution. It started when the countries’ ekonomies was bastardised and raped by politicians. The end of it is painful and cowardly. Its time dictators go or are forced to vacate their seats. Xenophobia should partly be blamed on leaders who have no interest of their countries at heart.